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Visual Communicator
Pipi at Bingi

Born in Manila, Philippines, Zeus grew up in a family of artists and architects. He considers his grandfather, Gregorio Paredes, as his greatest influence. Gregorio left behind many original drawings that developed in Zeus a love for art at a young age.


At 13, Zeus started working for his father, Architect Aquiles Paredes, who was also a professor at a leading university in the Philippines. With his siblings, Aquiles mentored them in principles of architecture and design: anthropometrics, color principles, architectural delineation, and rendering. Not only did their father teach them through lectures but also through unconventional means such as writing and drawing upside down.


Life would take Zeus in many directions as an artist: gaining experience through his Fine Arts degree at the University of Santo Tomas and then later through different projects in industrial, graphic, furniture, and interior design. He would also become a small business entrepreneur, bringing Filipino aboriginal art to t-shirts and bags sold around the Philippines. 


However, Zeus has not forgotten his passion for drawing and painting. In the last decade, Zeus has been rediscovering his artist's voice culminating in over 300 pieces focused on his representation of the human experience. 

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