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House of Cards by OGE Group at Discovery Green, Houston TX September 2 - October 11 2020
Paper City Article>>

Lumikhâ Arts Showcase at the Winter Street Studios, Houston TX, January 25, 2020

in(di)visible Group Exhibit at the Station Museum of Contemporary Art, Houston, TX, February 3 – April 22, 2018
An exhibition examining immigration, the residual effects of war, and the implications of assimilation, integration, and invisibility for Asian Americans. Zeus displayed his "Jester" series, including the 8x24 foot mural entitled ""Kumanta ang Pipi, Nanood ang Bulag" (Translated: The Mute Sang, The Blind Watched)

See the exhibit's photo gallery >>

"The Lizard and the Spider" Community Exhibit at Cherrywood Coffeehouse, Austin, TX, May 20 - June 25,2018
A compilation of early works

Two-man show with Ben Maramag, Luz Gallery, Makati, Philippines, 1985 ​

Two-man show with Phil Rodriguez, Tanglaw Gallery, Manila, Philippines, 1976

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